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Concept Team’s starting point is “fine catering”.

The main recipes of Concept Team’s cuisine are prescribed from Ottoman and world flavors. Concept Team is always proud and happy to serve is it guests with exquisite menus made up of it is passion towards food.

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Besides catering, Concept Team cheers itself with serving it is experience in food and beverage service. With worldwide and local consultancy capabilities, Concept Team is always ready to serve, it is customers.


Due to Concept Team’s respect and curiosity to different tastes, the starting point of the gourmet tour is İstanbul. The guests of Concept Team are able to experience a festival of flavors harbored in İstanbul’s historic areas with thrilling dishes from Armenian to Byzantium and Arabic to Mediterranean cuisine.
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Another excitement to be experienced by our guests is Concept Team’s food atelier. Either at Concept Team’s own facility or at a specially chosen site, our guests are able to learn about the specialities and tips of Turkish food with the master chef of Ottoman and Turkish cuisine, Executive Chef Cihan Atalay.


Another colorful event served in Concept Team’s range of services is the dining conversations. Dinner with reputable people who are masters of their own profession will create ever-lasting memories. Table conversations with a famous gourmet, a conversation with a well-known Turkish sommelier, or tasting sessions of world famous Raki for it is different ingredients are some of the concepts offered by Concept Team to it is guests.
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